FHS Mustang Booster Club

Enthusiastically Promoting

School Spirit And FHS Athletes

Please use the login information provided to you by SpongInk to enter into the website editor.

To edit www.fhsfmbc.org click on the button below to enter the website builder.

Website Admin

To UPLOAD Documents go to the Google Site FMBC

To Access the Google Drive for FMBC

Directions on how to edit the slide shows.

Forms and Documents are uploaded to a Google Site called FMBC.  The “Forms” and “Minutes” pages are linked to www.fhsfmbc.org through an HTML code called an Iframe.  You will need to log into the Google Gmail account:  fhsfmbcdocs@gmail.com.  A password has been provided to you via email.

For Detailed Instructions 

Watch a video on how to edit your website in Website Builder.

GOOGLE DRIVE:  Documents for sponsor slide shows are stored on the fhsfmbcdoc@gmail.com Google Drive.